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The international sports photography competition

January 1st to April 30 2019
The competition
At Paris Sport Photo, we are keen to introduce sports photography masterpieces.

The competition therefore enables professional sports photographers around the world to submit their best photos in the 6 available categories: action, news articles, the unusual/humour, portraits, extreme sports and non-stadium.

The winner of each category will receive a prize of €1,500 and the main prize winner will receive €5,000.


Images illustrating the intensity of a sporting moment. This can be any sporting event such as the Olympic Games or a competition at a local school. The key is to capture a strong emotion, a dramatic look, a moment of extreme tension, etc.

© Pierre Lahalle/L'Équipe
News articles

The societal aspects of sport cover numerous topics: politics, the role of women in society, children, cultural traditions, drug use, training, fanaticism, money and hooliganism, as well as the discovery of practices specific to certain countries, etc. Entrants are asked to submit around 10 images illustrating the nature of their chosen topic and portraying the work involved, i.e. the reporter’s vision.

© Julien Goldstein/L'Équipe
The unusual/Humour

Photos may illustrate strange and unfamiliar cultural sporting traditions or simply an inappropriate, quirky, surprising or funny aspect of the shot.

© Nicolas Luttiau/L'Équipe
Action or still portrait

A close-up shot of a person’s face captured during a sporting event, showing them in action during a moment of exertion, joy or disappointment, or in silence in a changing room or stadium tunnel, etc., with emphasis on their facial expression.

© Sébastien Boué/L'Équipe
Extreme sports

High-risk sports linked closely to nature (surfing, speed flying, mountain biking, etc.). Photos in this category must be of sporting practices where natural forces play a prominent role and sportsmen and women compete against them (the wind for free-falling, deep water for diving, huge waves for surfing, mountains for mountaineering, etc.).

© Frank Seguin/L'Équipe

All sports practised away from dedicated premises (recreation ground, beach, etc.). The photographer’s ability to take a surreptitious glance at a moment (as a nod to the humanist photographers Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau or Elliot Erwitt for example) will be assessed.

© Sébastien Boué/L'Équipe
© Kyle Terada
© Sébastien Boué
© Franck Seguin
© Sébastien Boué
© Frank Seguin
© Franck Faugère
© Frank Seguin
© Archives L'Equipe
© Adam Hunger
© Ezra Shaw
2019 Schedule
January 1 2019
Registration start date
April 30 2019
Registration closing date
May 1-15 2019
Judging panel vote on nominees (5 per category) and winners (1 per category)
May 30 2019
Publication of nominees
June 1-30 2019
Submission of HD photos by nominees
Between November 14 and 20 2019
Award ceremony
The award ceremony will be held at a gala evening
November 2019
Carreau du Temple, Paris
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